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The architectural information - castle

The building is set at the long rectangle of the diminution: 17 meters x 43 meters, with many irregulatives.

The front entrance from the East side, from the ground with one section stairs leads to the first level. The other: two sections stairs are located at the North part of the property. There is number of rectangular rooms with different size on the West and partly east side of the building. Entrance to most of them is possible from the main hall, which is located centrally from north to south across almost whole palace. At the North wall, after the war, it was detached to the main building additional room with glassed terrace.

The main shape of the building is multi-fragmented and has three levels. This is set on the full size ground floor, which is also used for the different purpose. There are three floors above the ground level (third one is a full size attic) at the East and west side of the building and two at north and South side. In addition there are located two orioles on the front east side. One two floors with terrace on the top, and the second makes porch to the main entrance. The building body and the South wing covered with mansard roof. The breaks covered with separated two side roofs. Building enrolled on the list in the register of antique buildings.

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The building information - castle

The palace set on the high foundation from the bricks and field stone at the exterior, walls from bricks with cement par-get (needs fixing), roof covered with ceramic tile (double fish shard style put in lace), and on the flat areas tarmac rags.

Roof and rain planking repaired 2 year ago. The roof tower from wood, mansard style (rafters in good conditions), ceilings from ceramics, and at the attic level are wooden. Floor from wood, (genuine parquet, unfortunately requires renovation) or cement. The stairs are from stone. There is original decoration of the stairs hall. Walls at both sides of wide stairs graced with shallow arcades made from bronze pilasters. Authentic wooden doors and partly windows, inside doors from plywood, one or two wings. Windows and doors require renovation. Full water and sewage system, electrical installation and central heating, heaters and two stoves, (stoves needs repair or replacement) There are also authentic fire places still in good conditions and genuine decorative at ceilings and walls in some rooms.

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Bronow lands have been named and separated around the year 1733, since then till her death on 13 th June 1789 Anna von Bomsdorf was the owner. Getting marriage with Johann von Otto Diebitsch in 1763 she has change her name to Anna von Diebitsch. In the middle of XIX century, new owner: D. von Massow - lieutenant of Pruss army established the grange. Then the properties stayed in hands of other army people: in 1876 lieutenant Carl Gustav Ludwig Bandelow, and 1895 retired lieutenant Alexander von Winterfeld. The biggest area of the farm was noted in 1898, aggregated in total 450 hectares.

Further Bronow lands stayed till 1945 in Winterfeld hands. The last registered owner was the youngest son of Alexander von Winterfeld and Elsa von Winterfeld (home name: von Gosslen) - Detlow von Winterfeld. The palace (castle) was build in second half of XIX century, in neobarok style with French specifics from the Ludwig XIV epoch, highly simplified. In years 1949-50, it was rebuild especially the interiors layout was changed. In the 50’s there was organised agricultural school in the property, which was functioning till 2003. Currently palace and park unit are private property.

The location is in the quiet surroundings about 1500 meters north from the road Gora-Rawicz, 9 kilometres from Gora. The castle is situated on the western edge of the park, next to the pond and the farm building.